The Whole Bolivian Army
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TWBA 101 ... a brief history of the cosmos

Let's start with the short version: Boy meets girl. Girl says she can sing. Boy invites girl to mom's basement for quick tryout with newly forming band. Girl opens mouth. Boy falls in love. The Whole Bolivian Army is born! (Cue soundtrack...)

If only it were that simple. Sure, the original boy and girl are still making googly eyes at each other on the stage, but, well... please note the following chart before we go any further:

(x+x) + (x+x) = The Whole Bolivian Army

Mind you, even the fancy equation above has a few faults. For one thing, it doesn't show all the drummers to grace the stage with us. Or the bass players. Oh, and it fails to highlight the times when we've been a five-piece band. But you get the idea. Maybe now you're ready for the long version.

It began innocently enough. Just north of Seattle, in a pleasant if slightly smug suburb, two boys, plenty old enough to buy a six-pack of animal beer at the local gas and sip but still young enough to entertain adolescent fantasies, were hashing out songs with a Roland drum machine in Mrs. Kite's basement. It was the early 1990s and grunge, though growing tired nationally, was still alive and kicking in the sweaty bowels of Seattle's ever-swank-and-hip club scene. "Is that Pearl Jam?" then drummer Art Chavez would quip months later as the band prepared to take the stage after another flannel-wearing quartet finished its set at the Off Ramp.

The two boys, former schoolmates Matt Kite (guitar) and Steve Miller (bass), had found not only a drummer but a singer, too. Fetching, diminutive, winsome -- Mary Beth Woistman (now Kite) turned heads as soon as she opened her mouth, from which poured forth enough high voltage to power the Emerald City in the dead of winter. Little girl. Big voice. "Hold on to her coattails," Steve's older brother whispered into his ear while recording the band's first demo, "she'll take you far."

Armed with quirky song titles like "Fish Dream" and "Yeast Infection Haiku," the newly formed band, having cut its teeth at the foot of Queen Anne in 1993 with a 5-song set at an open mike at the Romper Room, had already gained a modest amount of momentum when Art left the lineup. His exodus marked the beginning of a perplexing pattern that would soon put the members of Spinal Tap to shame. Good thing all eyes were on the 5'2" singer.

After releasing in 1995 an eclectic, if somewhat spastic EP entitled Hazen (named after the couple that loaned its services to the project: Dan Hazen, drums; Brenda Hazen, backup vocals and vicious cow bell), TWBA went to work solidifying its lineup with Dave Warburton on drums the following year. The result was its first full-length album, 1997's self-titled hodgepodge of artful bubble gum spaz rock (sic). Some of it was good. Some of it was not. Clearly, more than one direction was yearned for, thus with so much internal dissonance weighing heavily on the band's collective psyche, a secret and dastardly coup ensued, with bassist and cofounder Steve Miller the ultimate casualty. His replacement, Michigan transplant Jay Perry, emboldened budding songwriter Matt Kite to fully vent his spleen.

What followed was an orgiastic outpouring of often dark but occasionally cheeky material that made up the next two albums Spinner (1998) and Amnesty (1999). TWBA hit its stride, creatively and professionally, and many mountains were climbed and seas swum. Or is that swam?

With the apocalypse (Y2K) fast approaching, TWBA was running its own label, Gargantuan Records, and was playing an active role in the Seattle music community, spawning the foofy-free, estrogen-fortified Wilmafest and the grassroots co-op Gargantuan Productions. The band also donated performances and/or recordings to Amnesty International, Students Against Violence Everywhere, the Bread Alone Project, Home Alive, Seattle Peace Concerts, and the Washington State Arthritis Foundation, among others. Alas, it even headlined the fabled Crocodile Café on a Saturday night! But dark forces were conspiring to break its newfound rhythm.

Forgive us if our narrative suddenly lacks clarity, for here we come to a cluttered and confusing era, where the music and the muse were undercut by numerous personnel changes (Hello, Roger Johnson on drums! Hello, Chris Gunn on bass! Hello, Tommy Thew on second guitar!), personal decisions (Hello, parenthood! Hello, Port Townsend!), and well-intended but ill-conceived marketing decisions. Like most aspiring artist types, the band should have never been given the keys to the car. TWBA was only good at one thing. And it wasn't promotion (or follow through). Two albums emerged from the chaos: the moody and lovely Be (2001) and the mighty and angry War Stories (2003).

After TWBA lost its rhythm section en masse, Matt and Mary Beth toyed with the idea of going it alone, and producer Scott Ross captured the results on the atmospheric and experimental North by Nowhere (2006), the band's best listening album to date. TWBA briefly reformed a year and a half later, with Greg Strickland on bass, Chris G on drums, and Tommy on guitar, but the lineup only held together long enough to whip together a quick and muscular little EP, Morning after Food Poisoning in the South of France (2008), recorded at Tommy's not-quite-finished home studio. The band then returned to its roots as a 4-piece, with Greg remaining on bass and Chris briefly rejoining for the recording of 2011's lovely and triumphant Bells.

Beginning in 2012, TWBA relied on a rotating cast of players, past and present, which seemed only fitting as the band began work on its tenth album, Siren (2013), nearly 20 years after first forming. The year 2017 saw the release of companion EPs: Kronos and Kairos, which feature John Standley and Chris G, respectively, on the drums. The two albums mark TWBA's first venture into home recording, although the drums on the latter were expertly recorded by producer Jonathan Plum at London Bridge Studio in Seattle. Meanwhile, a year earlier the band began playing all-ages shows with Mr. Gibson Kite, spawn of Matt and Mary Beth, whose stylings blend the dry precision of Matt Garstka with the wild abandon of Keith Moon.

Stay tuned.

THANK YOU ... thank you, thank you

The list of people who have helped us out over the years is legion, and we're almost afraid to try to thank anyone, lest we forget someone. But with so many people giving their time, talent, and/or resources to the cause, we'd be remiss not to try. So here goes:

Thank you to Bill Perez, for hosting this site on his own dime since the mid 90s; to all of our IndieGoGo contributors, each of whom helped make Siren possible; to Russell King and Tim Buckley, because everybody needs a sugar daddy (or two); to Tracy Brooks and crew for shooting some nifty live footage (and editing it, too); to Gabriel Edwards for combining his creative video skills with TWBA's music; to Claude Flowers, for invaluable input; to Derrick Galvan, for hustling harder than we did; to David Byers, who captured an entire era on film; to Shana Cannavaro, for being our PTVIP; to Scott Ross, for giving us more than we paid for; to all of our GARG brothers and sisters, especially Thornton Creek, who jumped into the trenches with us; to Marlina Velasco for her enthusiasm and marketing skills; to Dawn Birr, who graciously shared her father's story; to Sean and Doug and Rita and Ralph and Danielle and all the fans who have become friends; to our friends and families, for seeing us through the early parenting fog, among other adventures; to all our present and former members (we should form a super group!); and to anyone who has ever come to a show and cheered.

- Matt and Mary Beth

FAQ ... frequently asked questions

Go rent Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

That's a complicated question. TWBA's lineup changes more often than the weather. Currently (as of 2013), Mary Beth Kite (vocals), Matt Kite (guitar), and Greg Strickland (bass) form the nucleus of the band, with several part-time members contributing however and whenever they can.

MB and Matt are married. They have three reptiles and one true millennium baby, Gibson James Kite.

No, that's Emmett, son of photographer Patrick Hagerty, whose work has graced the pages of numerous national magazines and newspapers.

Seattle, originally. But now some in the band live a few miles south in Tacoma.

Fire us an e-mail at and we'll set you straight.

MEMBERS ... past and present

Vocals, 1993-present

Mary Beth Kite, vocals, The Whole Bolivian ArmyWhere would we be without our voice? MB has been with us since the beginning and, as our fans will tell you, has always been what made us... us. She can wail, she can croon, she can drive a nail through a brick wall with a voice as smooth as pudding (at least that's what one fellow musician opined). Matt's not sure which he fell in love with first: her lovely voice or the woman delivering it.

Guitar, 1993-present

Matt Kite, guitar, The Whole Bolivian ArmyMatt writes the songs that make MB sing. The owner of several nicknames earned over the years (Diplo-Matt, Splash, Mr. Phat), Matt often finds himself yearning and dreaming and wishing and spurting forth. It's what he does best (don't ask him to pay the bills or balance the checkbook).

Bass, 2007-present

Greg Strickland, bass, The Whole Bolivian Army Greg, a former schoolmate of Mary Beth's, has been playing the bass since he was 11. He discovered Rush a couple years later and has never been the same. Along with being a monster bass player, Greg likes to customize his basses and has been known to drill holes in them, saw off various pieces, etc. His elastic basslines can be heard on Siren (2013),
Bells (2011) and the EP Morning after Food Poisoning in the South of France (2008).

Drums, 2016-present

Gibson Kite on drums.Gibson joined the band onstage for one song (a Rush cover, of course) at a benefit in 2013 and then for a full set in the spring of 2016. He's still too young to play bars, but look for him to sit behind the kit at all-ages shows. He'll also be playing drums on TWBA's next full-length album.

For a list of former and part-time members, go HERE.

former and part-time members of The Whole Bolivian Army

BEEN THERE ... done that

6/18/17 Meekder Days (Puyallup, WA)
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8/24/13 First Avenue South Block Party (Kent, WA)
8/3/13 Anacortes Arts Festival (Anacortes, WA)
7/27/13 Chalet West (North Bend, WA)
7/19/13 Bite of Seattle (Seattle, WA)
7/6/13 High Dive (Seattle, WA)
6/8/13 Hale's Palladium (Seattle, WA)
5/11/13 Harmon Tap Room (Tacoma, WA)
3/8/13 AC3 Winter Court (Marysville, WA)
12/31/11 First Night (Tacoma, WA)

7/10/11 Skylark (Seattle, WA)
6/26/11 Seattle Peace Concerts (Seattle, WA)
6/18/11 Meeker Days (Puyallup, WA)
6/17/11 Edmonds Arts Festival (Edmonds, WA)
6/11/11 The HUB (Tacoma, WA)
2/25/11 The Mandolin Cafe (Tacoma, WA)
2/4/11 Ground Zero Teen Center (Bellevue, WA)
7/18/10 Bite of Seattle (Seattle, WA)
7/15/10 Broadway Farmers Market (Tacoma, WA)
6/26/10 Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon (Seattle, WA)
6/19/10 Meeker Days (Puyallu, WA)
6/18/10 Meeker Days (Puyallup, WA)
6/18/10 Edmonds Arts Festival (Edmonds, WA)
6/12/10 Maple Valley Days (Maple Valley, WA)
5/15/10 U-District Street Fair (Seattle, WA)
4/11/10 Skylark (Seattle, WA)
3/13/10 LWUMC (Kirkland, WA)
2/20/10 The Mandolin Cafe (Tacoma, WA)
11/7/09 Jet Artist Cooperative (Tacoma, WA)
10/2/09 The Mandolin Cafe (Tacoma, WA)
1/17/09 2 Wheel Blues Showroom (Lakewood, WA)
9/2/08 6th Ave Farmers Market (Tacoma, WA)
8/27/08 The Sunset (Seattle, WA)
8/10/08 Skylark (Seattle, WA)
7/9/08 High Dive (Seattle, WA)
6/14/08 Super Saturday (Olympia, WA)
6/13/08 Edmonds Arts Festival (Edmonds, WA)
5/23/08 Allen Creek Malawi benefit show (Marysville, WA)
8/2/07 Summer Nights at the Food Coop (Port Townsend, WA)
9/23/06 Green Frog Acoustic Tavern (Bellingham, WA)
9/7/06 Summer Nights at the Food Coop (Port Townsend, WA)
8/26/06 Hotwire Coffee (Shoreline, WA)
8/5/06 Farmers Market (Port Townsend, WA)
7/14/06 Sirens (Port Townsend, WA)
7/08/06 Hop Vine (Seattle, WA)
5/12/06 Sirens (Port Townsend, WA)
10/15/04 Noon Moon Café (Moses Lake, WA)
9/25/04 Sirens (Port Townsend, WA)
9/18/04 Panamonica's (Tacoma, WA)
8/6/04 Music in the Park (Olympia, WA)
7/20/04 Summer Concert Series (Bellingham, WA)
7/16/04 Bite of Seattle (Seattle, WA)
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2/28/04 Pogacha's (Issaquah, WA)
11/22/03 Stuart's Coffee House (Bellingham, WA)
10/25/03 Conan's Pub (Portland, OR)
10/18/03 Rocksport (Seattle, WA)
10/16/03 Wild Buffalo (Bellingham, WA)
9/26/03 Sirens (Port Townsend, WA)
9/19/03 Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater (Seattle, WA)
8/1/03 Central Saloon (Seattle, WA)
7/18/03 Patti Summer's Cabaret (Seattle, WA)
7/13/03 Seahawks Stadium (Seattle, WA)
6/20/03 Doc Maynards (Seattle, WA)
5/23/03 Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater (Seattle, WA)
5/9/03 Rialto Theater (Tacoma, WA)
4/26/03 Sirens (Port Townsend, WA)
10/5/02 Central Saloon (Seattle, WA)
8/10/02 Summer Concert Series (Bellingham, WA)
7/19/02 Bite of Seattle (Seattle, WA)
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12/1/01 Easy Street Records (Seattle, WA)
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5/27/01 Pike Place Market Festival (Seattle, WA)
5/24/01 Wild Buffalo (Bellingham, WA)
5/20/01 U-District Street Fair (Seattle, WA)
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10/20/00 Sit & Spin (Seattle, WA)
9/30/00 Stuart's Coffee House (Bellingham, WA)
9/23/00 Elysian (Seattle, WA)
8/12/00 Bite of Portland (Portland, OR)
7/30/00 Art on the Ave (Tacoma, WA)
7/28/00 Aquafest (Lake Stevens, WA)
7/23/00 Bite of Seattle (Seattle, WA)
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4/15/00 Stuart's Coffee House (Bellingham, WA)
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12/5/99 The Fenix (Seattle, WA)
11/20/99 Rainbow (Seattle, WA)
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10/28/99 Tractor Tavern (Seattle, WA)
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6/12/99 Rainbow (Seattle, WA)
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4/10/99 Hop Vine (Seattle, WA)
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3/12/99 Outback Jack's (Spokane, WA)
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2/27/99 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA)
2/12/99 ABC Annex (Auburn, WA)
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11/15/97 Sub Zero (Seattle, WA)
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11/8/97 Central Tavern (Tacoma, WA)
11/7/97 Channel 29 Live! (Seattle, WA)
10/31/97 Russell's Sports Inn (Bellingham, WA)
9/20/97 Sub Zero (Seattle, WA)
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9/6/97 Capitol Theater (Olympia, WA)
9/4/97 Crocodile Café (Seattle, WA)
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6/29/97 Ballard Firehouse (Seattle, WA)
6/20/97 U-Sports Bar (Seattle, WA)
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6/7/97 Ballard Firehouse (Seattle, WA)
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5/28/97 Colourbox (Seattle, WA)
5/18/97 Java Jump (Fife, WA)
5/17/97 U-Sports Bar (Seattle, WA)
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2/25/97 Colourbox (Seattle, WA)
2/14/97 Java Jump (Fife, WA)
2/2/97 U-Sports Bar (Seattle, WA)
1/21/97 Seattle Rep. Theater (Seattle, WA)
1/15/97 Colourbox (Seattle, WA)
1/10/97 Seattle Rep. Theater (Seattle, WA)
1/1/97 Seattle Rep. Theater (Seattle, WA)
12/27/96 Jimmy Z's (Everett, WA)
12/20/96 U-Sports Bar (Seattle, WA)
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11/11/96 Romper Room (Seattle, WA)
10/30/96 Colourbox (Seattle, WA)
10/20/96 Seattle Rep. Theater (Seattle, WA)
10/15/96 Ballard Firehouse (Seattle, WA)
10/5/96 Rendezvous (Seattle, WA)
9/14/96 Renezvous (Seattle, WA)
8/25/96 Everett Naval Commons (Everett, WA)
7/6/96 Rendezvous (Seattle, WA)
7/4/96 Jimmy Z's (Everett, WA)
6/19/96 Jimmy Z's (Everett, WA)
6/15/96 Casino's (Everett, WA)
5/31/96 Garfield's (Everett, WA)
3/20/96 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA)
3/16/96 Bogey's (Seattle, WA)
2/10/96 Bogey's (Seattle, WA)
1/30/96 Colourbox (Seattle, WA)
1/3/96 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA)
12/9/95 Club Broadway (Everett, WA)
12/4/95 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA)
11/30/95 Gibson's (Seattle, WA)
11/21/95 Ballard Firehouse (Seattle, WA)
11/10/95 Metropolis (Seattle, WA)
10/28/95 Madison's Café & Music House (Seattle, WA)
10/4/95 Ballard Firehouse (Seattle, WA)
9/29/95 The New World (Seattle, WA)
9/22/95 Metropolis (Seattle, WA)
8/27/95 Taste of Shoreline (Shoreline, WA)
8/25/95 Under the Rail (Seattle, WA)
5/6/95 Beatnix (Seattle, WA)
4/29/95 Rendezvous (Seattle, WA)
4/20/95 Beatnix (Seattle, WA)
4/14/95 Rendezvous (Seattle, WA)
9/16/94 Gibson's (Seattle, WA)
4/26/94 Romper Room (Seattle, WA)
4/6/94 Swan Café (Seattle, WA)
3/23/94 The Trestle (Everett, WA)
3/7/94 Noble China (Kent, WA)
2/28/94 Romper Room (Seattle, WA)
2/8/94 Romper Room (Seattle, WA)
12/20/93 Romper Room (Seattle, WA)
12/4/93 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA)
8/30/93 Off Ramp (Seattle, WA)
8/11/93 Swan Café (Seattle, WA)
7/?/93 The Ditto (Seattle, WA)
5/?/93 The New World (Seattle, WA)
4/?/93 Romper Room (Seattle, WA)
3/?/93 Romper Room (Seattle, WA)