The Whole Bolivian Army
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KRONOS (2017)


Mary Beth Kite, vocals; Matt Kite, guitar, bass; John Standley, drums; Greg Strickland, bass on "The Trick." Produced by TWBA. Recorded at home (Seattle and Tacoma, WA). Cover photo courtesy of Gibson Kite. Lyrics by Matt Kite. 2017 Gargantuan Records/ TWUBBA Music (ASCAP).

T R A C K   L I S T
1. Love What You Made
2. Peanut Butter Hike
3. Your Life Is Like a Movie
4. Five O'Clock Charlie
5. The Trick

"The Trick"

Love What You Made

I'm not a killer
I'm not a sinner
I'm just the one you made
don't look at me now
don't look at me now
just love me before I fade

see what I did?
see what I did?
I can't control myself
see what I hid?
it's under the lid
it's under the broken shelf

see what I did?
I did!

sorry to Hawkeye
sorry to Dad
sorry to everyone mad
fistful of fur
fistful of shirt
fistful of something hurt

fistful of sorry

you made me
but you don't own me
I'm free

everyone runs
everyone hides
everything breaks when I touch it
the first thing I learned
the one word I heard was no

love what you made

Peanut  Butter Hike

hut, hut, baby
peanut butter . . . hike!
sassafras, honey
dancing turnpike

I see you

take me out wide
take me twice as long

Lower Nine basement
centimeter keeper
Internets on Sundays
bacon baby beater

I see you

take your time going
hurry on back

blame it on the war
blame it on the poor
blame it on the whore
blame it all the more

Your Life Is Like a Movie

so this is your life
you make the soundtrack
your life is like a movie
you can take any role

so get on with it
just get on with it

so this is what you get
you didn’t ask for it
your life is like a lottery
you can win but only if you play

so get on with it
just get on with it
so get on with it
just get on with it

every day is a turning point
every loss starts something new
every love can last forever
but only if . . . it changes you

so this is your love—don’t worry
your heart’s big enough
your love is like the open road
you can drive anywhere

so get on with it
just get on with it
so get on with it
just get on with it

Five O'Clock Charlie

there is no freedom
there is no forgiving sun
there is no freefall for me

we were your family
we were your flesh and your blood
you were the flower's fury

what do you want now?
what do you want me to say?
what should I feel now for you . . . for me

how should the world look?
how should I look at the world?
how should I let you through?

I put my pen down
undo every word I could write
I put my head down for you . . . for me

The Trick

the trick
the sun’s glare
the girl
she’s left bare

run red
the river
the man
he’s seen her

one blind
one way out
one wish
one last doubt

goose flesh
fallen star
it holds
then breaks hard