The Whole Bolivian Army
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What's in a name? The Whole Bolivian Army owes its name to original bass player and cofounder Steve Miller. The name itself is a reference to the final scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, when the two American outlaws are surrounded by what seems like the entire armed forces of Bolivia

When did the band form? 1993.

Who is The Whole Bolivian Army?
TWBA is led by the wife-and-husband team of Mary Beth (vocals) and Matt Kite (guitar). Greg Strickland (bass) anchors the rhythm section. The rest of the lineup varies from project to project, show to show. TWBA has seen several incarnations, both as a five-piece and four-piece band (go here for an entertaining look at the band's sprawling history).

Where is TWBA from?
Seattle, originally, although now some members of the band live a few miles south in  Tacoma, the City of Destiny.

What kind of music does TWBA play?
Indie rock, modern rock, left-of-center pop. Influences include U2, Kate Bush, Radiohead, and Throwing Muses. TWBA has been compared to several bands, including The Sundays, 10,000 Maniacs, Veruca Salt, Garbage, and Souxie and the Banshees. None of the comparisons are quite on the mark. TWBA's sound is elastic and changes from album to album.

Where have I seen you guys and gal?
TWBA has made appearances at the Bite of Portland (2000), Bite of Seattle (1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2010), Edmonds Arts Festival (2000, 2008, 2010, 2011), Fremont Fair (1998, 2000), Oktoberfest (2001), Pike Place Market Street Festival (2000-2002), Rockrgrl (2000), Seahawks Stadium (2003), Super Saturday (2004, 2008), U-District Street Fair (2001-2, 2010), and Wilmafest (1998-99). For a complete list of previous shows, go here (scroll down).

Contact Matt Kite at Stage plot, contact information, and other materials available upon request.
Kairos (2017)
Bells (2011)
Morning after Food Poisoning in the South of France (2008)
North by Nowhere (2006)
War Stories (2003)
Be (2001)
Amnesty (1999)
Spinner (1998)
The Whole Bolivian Army (1997)
Hazen (1995)

Ad 2's Drip; Heyday Records' The Last Time I Went to Las Vegas; CMJ's Certain Damage (Vol. 96, 115); The Bread Alone Project (Vol. 1); Seattle Peace Concerts' Picking Up the Peaces; Blimp Kitty Records' Best of Seattle (No. 3, 5).

TWBA runs its own label, Gargantuan Records, and has played an active role in the Northwest music community for the last several years. Along with spawning Wilmafest (a foofy-free, estrogen-fortified version of Lilith Fair) and Gargantuan Productions (a short-lived musicians' co-op), the band has donated performances and/or recordings to Amnesty International, Students Against Violence Everywhere, the Bread Alone Project, Home Alive, Northwest Harvest, Seattle Peace Concerts, and the Washington State Arthritis Foundation.

Will sing for food.Mary Beth Kite, vocals
Scrub it.
Mary Beth Kite, vocals; Matt Kite, guitar.
Mary Beth Kite, vocals, The Whole Bolivian Army
Mary Beth Kite, vocals
Mary Beth Kite, vocals, The Whole Bolivian Army
Mary Beth Kite, vocals

Mary Beth Kite, vocals, The Whole Bolivian Army
Mary Beth Kite, vocals
 Mary Beth Kite, vocals, The Whole Bolivian Army
 Mary Beth Kite, vocals